Technology Services

Our Technology Services team assists clients through their digital transformation journey with best-in-class technology and a client-focused service model. The result is greater financial and operational visibility with deeper insights, enabling a stronger decision-making framework.

Benefits to Engaging Whitley Penn as Your Financial Technology Partner:

  • Industry Leading Knowledge
  • End to End Solutions
  • Outcome Focused
  • Scalable Platforms
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Partnership Support Model

Financial Technology Implementation & Management Solutions

Our team can drive improvement and efficiencies through:

  • System Design
  • ERP Implementation
  • Sub-system Implementation
  • System Integrations
  • Managed System Services

How we Deliver Financial Technology Solutions

System Design – Overarching system design focused on bringing information in and delivering powerful output.

Implementation – We guide you through a best-in-class process and proven methodology designed to deliver on time and on specification.

Integrations – We advise our clients on the integration process have the ability to implement native integrations or work with partners to deliver custom integrations.

Managed System Services – To meet the demands of the quickly evolving and complex world, we partner with clients through our managed systems service offering. This service includes training, enhanced reporting, quarterly business reviews, software release management – all to ensure systems continue to meet client needs as they change.

Technology We Support


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