About Us

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Our History

Whitley Penn was established in 1983 by three founding partners: B. Glen Whitley, Jim Penn, and Mark Topel. Whitley Penn has fostered an environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and an “open-door policy.” The firm has become one of the region’s most distinguished public accounting firms by providing exceptional service that reaches far beyond traditional accounting. We believe in working in collaborative teams without creating any barriers to communication with management. We learn, innovate, and succeed by sharing knowledge, embracing diversity, and working together.

Health & Wellness

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When we make health and wellness a priority, we excel in both our personal and professional lives. Our wellness program, FitWhit, encourages team members to focus inward and make overall wellness a priority so that they can take better care of each other, their families, and their clients. FitWhit is dedicated to improving the physical and mental well-being of individuals by bringing healthy opportunities into our work environment.

Community Engagement

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We are dedicated to serving others and giving back. We partner with many organizations and community outreach initiatives that directly benefit the individuals within the communities in which we do business. We have professionals who hold board positions while others dedicate their time and resources. We will continue to serve our community in the same manner that we serve our clients – with sincere care and intent.

Nexia International

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Through our affiliation with Nexia International, Whitley Penn is able to achieve a global reach with individuals across the world while maintaining the convenience of a regional-based accounting firm. Nexia member firms are dedicated to serving the best interests of clients regardless of the borders and boundaries in place. By working together, we can provide you with cross-border solutions tailored to you and your business.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Whitley Penn – from its inception to today – has been to provide an unmatched level of high-quality service to our clients. Focusing on this mission ensures consistent improvement as our firm continues to expand, diversify and grow its clients, services, and professionals. This is accomplished in three ways:

  • Hiring the best of the best
  • Having a detailed knowledge of the intricate business of accounting
  • Constantly innovating to refine our practice

Hiring the Best of the Best

In an effort to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and company culture at Whitley Penn, it is imperative to hire the right people based on both character and competency. We are focused and intentional when it comes to hiring new professionals because our clients deserve the highest quality of service. As a result, Whitley Penn has been consistently recognized as the “Best of the Best.”

Having a Detailed Knowledge of the Intricate Business of Accounting

At Whitley Penn, we encourage professional development and strive to help our employees reach their greatest potential. Our professionals are highly experienced and have a deep understanding in the various service lines and industries of our clients. As your trusted advisor, we will create a team that is equipped to handle complex projects and deliver innovative solutions that are unique to you and your business.

Constantly Innovating to Refine Our Practice

As the business landscape of public accounting is constantly evolving, our professionals are dedicated to staying informed on matters that may affect you and your business. We focused on compiling recent information and updates in an effort to create valuable resources for our clients. Whitley Penn is committed to providing the information needed to make business decisions with ease and confidence.

Work With Us

We have been consistently recognized for hiring the “Best of the Best” by INSIDE Public Accounting because we are intentional when it comes to adding new team members who provide top service for our clients.

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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” -PHIL JACKSON

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Our Office Locations

Read more on where our closest office could be to you.  We are ready and equipped to provide solutions for your needs globally.