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Social Engineering and Phishing

Have you ever received an unusual message or phone call from someone who claims to be in your organization demanding information? If your answer is yes, you may have been the victim of a social engineering attack. Social engineering is just one of many ways cyber criminals attempt to gather confidential information.  What is Social


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Highlighting Celina Cereceres, Audit Partner

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to highlight Celina Cereceres, a leader in our firm who approaches each day with gratitude, determination, and confidence. Read below and learn how Celina’s family, historical figures, and lessons learned helped shape who she is today. “Cesar Chavez, Lauro Cavazos, Ellen Ochoa and most recently Sonia Sotomayor


How Startups Can Prepare for a First Time Audit

May 12, 2022 Building something is exciting. The feeling of seeing an idea blossom into an enterprise is what entrepreneurs and innovators live for. Watching as people buy into what you are doing, as they commit capital and allow you to scale in new ways, is invigorating. Eventually this can turn into something larger, something


Valuing Reserves in a Volatile Oil & Gas Market

With few certainties in the last 15 months, there has been one in the oil and gas industry – volatility!  Commodity prices have had huge swings.  Who would have predicted in April 2020 when the WTI closed just under $19 per barrel that in 14 months the closing price would be over $75 per barrel?


Alternative Investment in Litigation

Pursuing complex litigation matters can be burdensome to both plaintiffs and defendants, particularly when it comes to the biggest expense of a legal battle: legal fees.  Since the 1990’s, third-party investors’ involvement in the financing of lawsuits has been a growing trend in the commercial litigation field.  This practice can be generally referred to as


Oh, Fiddle!

By: Steve Metzenthin As I write this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 742 points or about 3% on the day.  It got me to thinking (again) whether the market is overpriced or not. What are we to think when market moves result from novice investors, some apparently investing their stimulus checks, chasing gains


Why Outsourced Accounting Could be Beneficial for Your Organization

Whether it’s sales, operations, management, financials, etc., sometimes it can be difficult to do it all.  As a business owner or member of the management team, you are responsible for making it happen, but sometimes there is a great benefit to hiring a team of professionals to handle those details for you. Here’s a list


Public Sector: Insight in Uncertainty

During a time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that Whitley Penn will adapt to the needs of our clients. With normalcy out the window, we are also monitoring state and federal laws and regulations to see what relief will be granted to our public sector clients. The federal government is currently working on a stimulus


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Frequently Asked Questions

By: Jake Morris 7/29/2020 ** If you are reading this and still have not applied for the PPP loan, there is still time. Currently, the application deadline is August 8, 2020, so please move quickly to apply and secure the funds needed to help your business. ** On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the

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