Real Estate

We understand the time-sensitive deadlines that real estate developers and investors experience with properties around the country and in select international markets. Our clients get local pricing and decision-makers who thoroughly know the industry and its time-sensitive deadlines and tax-driven markets dynamics.

Given the maxim in this industry that “time is money,” clients appreciate that our turnaround on projects is quick and that we have the focused skills to advise on the most complex tax and accounting issues. Our involvement in leading industry groups like The Real Estate Council (TREC) ensures that we keep current on the latest market developments.


Audit Services We Provide:

We add value in auditing by making sure the Whitley Penn partner who handles your account is fully ingrained in your business activity, so we can advise on financial impacts as they arise throughout the year. Our audit services include partnership audits and employee benefit audits. We audit public and private companies across all segments of the real estate industry. Many of our professionals have also worked in the industry so we understand the realities of our client’s side of the desk, which makes us more pragmatic.


Tax Counseling Services We Provide:

Whitley Penn offers sophisticated solutions for complex tax challenges in structuring like-kind exchanges, tax-efficient real estate transactions, and tax-free reorganizations, giving the most tax-favorable capital gains treatment while maximizing advantages from amortization, depreciation and borrowing costs. Often after our initial review of previous tax returns, we can identify what should have been done in earlier years to maximize tax benefits and ensure that it’s done going forward.

We put special emphasis on preparing Schedule K-1 for reporting partnership income deductions and credits and know that timely distribution is crucial for real estate interests.

In a broader context, we can undertake cost segregation studies and review lease rates to anticipate any possible future problems involving income tax consequences, property tax assessments or financing.


Estate Partnerships:

We structure partnership arrangements as pass-through tax entities, developing all necessary documentation in accordance with complex and changing tax law. That includes extensive advice to general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and joint ventures.

Because many of our partnership clients are flow-through entities where taxation happens at the partner level, we act as an effective line of defense against tax errors that might not otherwise be caught at the corporate level.

We are adept at saving our clients substantial sums of money through innovative advice on structuring the sale of real property into trusts, partnerships, and LLCs to secure the tax advantages. Similarly, for large, multi-investor transactions involving real estate investment trusts, we undertake the tax planning of real estate asset acquisitions and divestitures. That includes structuring partnership units to acquire real estate or other entities, with special emphasis on 1031 like-kind property exchanges involving shopping centers, debt restructuring, and other purposes


Real Estate Investment Trusts:

Our professionals advise a number of REIT clients with assets of up to $1 billion on everyday operating issues, from public reporting compliance to tax counsel. Because REITs operate within the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, we help our clients conform to all IRS regulations on qualification and structuring of transactions while ensuring that they remain competitive with other real estate companies.


Wealth Management Services:

  • Cash flow management
  • Developing debt management strategies
  • Transaction planning
  • Qualified plans designed to ease tax burden
  • Investment diversification


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Camron Harris

Audit Partner

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Stephen McKinnell

Audit Partner

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Toby Cotton

Director of Tax | Partner