Lease Accounting

Our lease accounting team works alongside EZLease to provide clients with solutions for their operational and accounting challenges related to ASC 842 and GASB 87 when considering accounting for lease agreements. The team is skilled at complex financial reporting, technical advisory, new accounting guidance implementation, and process improvement. We also offer additional consulting solutions through our Client Accounting & Advisory Services team.

Our team is prepared to assist any public or private entity with their account and to answer questions throughout the engagement related to their EZLease setup and operations. Items we handle include:

  • Setup of EZLease portal and assistance with importing lease agreements
  • Validate data within EZLease
  • Run reports from EZLease to ensure accurate reporting
  • Consult on questions throughout the process
  • Review lease agreements for key terms related to guidance
  • Review contracts for potential embedded leases
  • Assist in preparing the spreadsheet template to import into EZLease
  • Guidance in establishing controls procedures for leases
  • Guidance in establishing the discount rate to be applied to leases

Our team works alongside EZLease to provide answers and resources in order to guide clients through this implementation process.

Types of Lease Accounting Clients Include:

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Lupe Garcia

Public Sector | Audit Partner

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Andy Hines