Fueling Efficiency with MineralWare

In this 26 minute episode, Jason Fitzgerald, Mineral Assets Manager, is joined by Sam Katigan, Vice President of Unique Assets at MineralWare, to discover how MineralWare transforms the oil & gas landscape. Jason’s career journey from MineralWare to Whitley Penn offers a unique perspective. Through prior collaboration with Sam, he brings firsthand insights into the platform’s impact and how Whitley Penn optimizes operations using MineralWare’s capabilities. Together, they discuss the intricacies of this platform, celebrate milestones since its 2014 inception, and the vision that propels MineralWare forward. Whether you’re a curious listener or a seasoned professional, this conversation promises valuable insights and actionable takeaways. Tune in to learn more!

Connect with Jason

Connect with Jason

Jason Fitzgerald

Mineral & Asset Manager

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