Fraud & Forensics

Entities operating in complex business landscapes are vulnerable to financial loss as a result of fraudulent activity. Whitley Penn professionals, which include Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners, possess the expertise necessary to investigate fraudulent activity and quantify the damages to valuable corporate assets. Whitley Penn assists corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies with fraud and forensic investigations, probing alleged misconduct by reviewing accounting records, electronic evidence, and abnormal transactions.


Investigatory Process:

  • Analyzing accounting and financial records for potentially fraudulent activity, including false reporting, manipulated records, forgery and tampering
  • Identifying control breakdowns and potential weaknesses
  • Developing practical and effective fraud prevention measures in an effort to reduce future risk
  • Issuing expert reports and testifying on the results of the investigation

Consulting Services:

  • Internal investigations: misappropriation of intellectual, financial, or real property
  • Tracing funds and assets: locating and recovering valuable and sensitive assets
  • Investigating kickbacks and bribery: identification of improper business relationships
  • Civil and criminal fraud: investigating suspected fraudulent activity, including bankruptcy fraud, Ponzi and pyramid schemes, money laundering, insurance fraud, tax fraud, and mail and wire fraud

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