Our team of professionals are among the most sought-after experts in the field of marital property and divorce-related financial issues in the region. They specialize in helping attorneys and their clients understand and resolve the complex financial issues that impact the ultimate division of the marital estate. They also serve as an indispensable member of the professional team tasked with achieving a fair result during the divorce process.


Family Law Services & Capabilities:

  • Identification of marital assets
  • Preparation of discovery requests
  • Tracing and characterization of a spouse’s separate property estate
  • Calculations related to potential reimbursement, reconstitution, and other equitable claims in compliance with family law statutes
  • Forensic accounting analysis and investigation
  • Valuation of closely-held companies
  • Valuation analysis related to other marital assets such as retirements and stock-based compensation plans
  • Assistance as a financial neutral in the collaborative family law process
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Review and rebuttal of opposing expert opinions
  • Assistance in mediation and settlement negotiations, including analysis of potential tax considerations
  • Expert witness testimony at hearings, depositions and trials
  • Assistance in the development of trial strategy
  • Preparation of trial exhibits to assist the judge or jury
  • Assistance with deposition and cross examination questions for the parties and opposing experts

What sets us apart?


The Whitley Penn team has decades of experience consulting on marital estates of all sizes and complexities, ranging from estates worth less than $1 million with a limited number of assets to estates worth billions of dollars. Our professionals have provided hundreds of expert opinions in courts across the region.


Whitley Penn has an established reputation within the family law community of attorneys and judges. Attorneys recommend our team to clients because we provide experienced professionals with opinions that are unbiased, well-supported, and persuasive.

Read our announcement on being named to Texas Lawyer’s Best of 2023.


The FLVS team at Whitley Penn is unique because of its size: with nearly 35 individuals, it is one of the largest groups of its kind. The combined horsepower of our team is a key advantage that allows us to handle complex matters and a large case load in an efficient and effective manner.


The fields of marital property and business valuation are constantly evolving. With up-to-date knowledge of relevant court cases and advanced techniques, Whitley Penn’s FLVS team is on the leading edge. Our professionals pride themselves on their subject matter knowledge and are regularly asked to share their expertise at conferences and seminars. Our deep understanding of the family law statutes and how they have been interpreted over the years allows us to develop creative and successful solutions for our clients.


Our team possesses a wide breadth of professional credentials that emphasize our qualifications to testify on the financial issues that arise in a divorce proceeding. These credentials include CPAs, JDs, MBAs, ABVs, ASAs, and CFEs, among others.


Whitley Penn is strategically located throughout the state of Texas and in Hobbs, New Mexico. From these locations, our team is able to meet the needs of attorneys and clients throughout.

Meet the team

Robert Metz

FLVS Partner

Aaron Ballard

FLVS Partner

Anna Hardy

FLVS Managing Director

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