13 Week Cash Flow Modeling

Given the rapidly changing economic landscape, it is imperative to plan and execute real time decisions rather than being forced into a reactive mode. Whitley Penn is here to ensure that you have the right information readily available at your fingertips allowing you to make these critical decisions with ease and confidence.

We have the resources and experience to develop a financial cash flow model tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our cash flow models allow you to strategize and analyze situations ahead of time to help you successfully navigate through times of uncertainty.

What is included with a Whitley Penn cash flow model?

  • A dynamic, Excel-based model tailored to your specific business
  • A metric dash board that provides you with critical information at your fingertips
  • Assumption inputs that allow you to perform sensitivity testing of key assumptions
  • Debt covenant sensitivity testing to enable you to have real-time practical conversations with your debt holders
  • Whitley Penn’s vast business experience to help you decipher how changes in metrics and financial trends will impact your business
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Daniel Boarder

Transaction Advisory Partner

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Duke Deen

Managing Director

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Shaun Buckley

Transaction Advisory Services Managing Director