Personal Injury, Wrongful Death & Lost Wage Claims

Lost earnings can add another layer of stress to those already dealing with a traumatic personal injury or wrongful death. Whitley Penn offers customized damages reports to provide accurate quantification of lost earnings by analyzing factors such as historical compensation in order to accurately project lost earnings through the individual’s expected work life.

Comprehensive Analysis

We understand that the lost benefit does not stop at lost salaries and wages, so our analyses also considers:

  • Lost household services and the added costs associated with such activities
  • Fringe benefits, such as insurance, social security, or retirement savings lost by the individual
  • Forecasted alternative earnings the injured party could have generated in the future, if applicable

Our team of professionals understand the importance of accurately assessing the benefit foregone by an injured or deceased party’s family. Whitley Penn tailors its economic damages opinions to the injured or deceased party to bring the most accurate compensation calculation to the courtroom.

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Justin Blok

Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Partner

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Walter Bratic

Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Managing Director

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Robert Metz

Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Partner