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In 2022, cybercrime caused $6 trillion in damage. And if that isn’t worrisome enough, 88% of professional hackers can infiltrate an organization within 12 hours, according to DataProt. The strength of your organization’s IT structure is crucial when it comes to protecting your company, employees, and sensitive data from cybercrime. This is especially true when you are combining your company’s IT structure with that of another organization.

Enter Whitley Penn’s IT due diligence team. Our IT due diligence assessment services provide a prospective buyer or merging entity with a comprehensive understanding of the technological strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks, and liabilities associated with the target company. This process is critical to ensure the buyer fully comprehends the value, scalability, and potential vulnerabilities of the seller’s technological infrastructure and systems.

Services We Offer

Review Current IT Infrastructure

  • Review the hardware inventory with a focus on any end-of-life devices
  • Review the software inventory to identify any licensing issues and ensure custom-built applications are documented
  • Review the network architecture design focusing on redundancy and failover capabilities

Assess IT Operations

  • Review IT procedures’ transferability
  • Review maintenance schedules, downtime windows, and backup procedures

Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Perform a risk assessment to identify technical vulnerabilities

Review Cybersecurity Policies

  • Incident response / disaster recovery planning
  • Review past security breaches, impact, and response measures taken

Compliance and Regulatory Review (If Applicable)

  • Review the latest regulatory compliance reports
  • Status of next regulatory audit
  • Inquire about past or present compliance issues

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Risk Advisory Managing Director

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