Mineral & Asset Management

Our team of Mineral Management professionals is comprised of exceptional individuals with extensive experience and knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry. We pride ourselves on our industry backgrounds and our dedication to providing unparalleled client service. In addition, our mineral management solutions are second to none, offering comprehensive and effective strategies for maximizing the value of mineral assets.

Our Mineral Management Services include:

  • Asset Organization & Collection of Documents
  • Proactive Land Management
  • Routine Production Volume & Deduction Reviews
  • Cutting Edge Software Access with a Map & Well Data
  • Payment & Protesting of Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Reporting
  • Deposit Services
  • Invoice/JIB Tracking & Payments
  • Revenue Disbursements
  • Suspended/Escheated Funds Research
  • Division Order Review
  • Lease Negotiation and Marketing
  • Communication with Operators and Regulators
  • Surface Management and Negotiation

Allow Whitley Penn to act as your mineral management company so you can focus on your business growth. As a trusted partner in the energy industry, we’re here to help.

To learn more or talk to a mineral management professional, contact us.

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Buffie Campbell

CAAS - Mineral Assets | Senior Manager

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Jason Fitzgerald

CAAS - Mineral Assets | Manager