Mineral & Asset Management

Managing oil, gas and mineral rights can be a daunting task. Our team manages oil and gas properties for individuals, companies, trusts, financial institutions, charities, and foundations. Our goal is to make sure that you can see everything you own and understand the status of operation.

Powered by MineralWare, Whitley Penn’s team of specialized professionals can ensure greater protection for your mineral interests by offering a wide range of specialized services including:


Comprehensive Accounting

  • Audit payment stubs for accuracy
  • Monitor delay rentals and shut-in payments
  • Track and recoup unclaimed property
  • Provide annual income and expense reporting for preparing tax returns


Land Administration:

  • Audit mineral leases for contract and regulatory compliance
  • Division order verification
  • Negotiate contracts and leases
  • Research and analyze title problems
  • Property valuation


Proactive Management:

  • Promote leasing and development of mineral interest
  • Monitor nationwide leasing trends and drilling activity


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Ronnie Carroll

Oil & Gas Senior Manager

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Buffie Campbell

Mineral Assets Senior Manager