Wellness Program

Here at Whitley Penn, we believe in the importance of offering our employees resources that are beneficial to their health and everyday living. FitWhit was created as our firm’s wellness program to bring healthy opportunities into our work environment. The four main goals we strive to focus on while implementing our best practices include:

  1. Improve the physical, mental, and financial well-being of employees
  2. Promote camaraderie, collaboration and team building
  3. Lower employee healthcare costs
  4. Enhance job satisfaction of employees
Diana Acosta, Benefits Manager

Diana Acosta

Benefits Manager

Throughout the year, we host many events in our offices to encourage employee participation. These include, but are not limited to: firm-wide fitness and wellness challenges, healthy busy season breakfasts, chair massages, running/walking clubs, cycling club, flu shots, CPR training, group fitness classes and more! We also provide gym, fitness and boutique studio discounts for our employees and their families. We also offer fitness calendars that are posted in all offices every month, with quick and easy workouts that can be done anywhere! Please send an email to Diana Acosta, Benefits Manager, for the current month’s calendar and download a copy for yourself.

FitWhit believes that health is an individualistic journey for each employee, and that is why we strive to offer an abundance of different programs and resources that are available to our employees. All program and resource offerings encompass the three dimensions of wellness; mental, physical, and financial. FitWhit incorporates all three dimensions with the idea that employees who are physically, financially, and mentally thriving, are more engaged and productive.



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