Family Office & High Net Worth Individuals

Your family’s most valuable assets must be treated with the highest levels of integrity and diligence. Whitley Penn offers strategically tailored solutions that perfectly fit your family office and/or family-owned business’s specific financial needs. At Whitley Penn, we believe in protecting your assets for generations to come as it relates to your family-owned business and succession planning.

Specifically, we help you achieve your goals through:

  • Crafting efficient tax strategies
  • Estimating and minimizing tax liability exposure
  • Developing stock option plans
  • Assisting family business owners in selecting the right organization structure
  • Structuring cash distributions that are not taxed as dividends
  • Emphasizing tax-efficient asset liquidation
  • Developing business succession plans
  • Emphasizing flexible operating agreements
  • Valuating existing businesses
  • Implementing qualified plans
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Kristen Sayegh

Tax Partner

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Shane Miller

WPWealth Partner

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Jeff Lawlis

Audit Partner