Data Products & Strategy

Almost all companies recognize the power of data and insights, however many struggle to unlock its full potential. The dilemma most face is that data investments must deliver near-term value and at the same time lay the foundation for rapidly developing future uses.

Our Data Products & Strategy team uses data products to enable businesses to manufacture new insights, new products, and new opportunities. This allows for businesses to begin to treat data as an asset and through a product methodology we can measure value and ROI for the decisions derived from their data products.

Our team has significant experience with the energy sector. We advise companies to look at their products and strategize how to use them to their full potential. For example, looking at how crude oil is a base product for many companies and can be used to manufacture other products such as gasoline for cars and consumer products.

Additional Services We Provide

  • Data Product Development
  • Data Design and Strategy
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Jake Baine

Senior Manager