Great Professionals, Greater Client Satisfaction

January 2018 | Posted in Whitley Penn
Whitley Penn
Great Professionals, Greater Client Satisfaction

What makes a great professional creates a greater client experience. At Whitley Penn, our firm recognizes the need to invest in our employees in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. Each of our firm’s offices chooses different methods to achieve our united goal of creating exceptional professionals. The Houston corporate audit team has been reading the book True Professionalism by David H. Maister, and I believe the book’s guidance closely aligns with Whitley Penn’s current culture, but also pushes us to strive for greater levels of success.

Maister’s message states it is who professionals are, not what they know, that is key to success. Whitley Penn breeds strong professionals through our enthusiastic environment, care for clients, and flexible management style. Maister explains that enthusiasm stems from work being a career, not just a job. Our firm sees what we do as important because we have a genuine care for our clients. Work is not only to generate revenue; it is sharing our collective experiences to bring client success through growth and maturity.

Whitley Penn’s leadership guides by balancing autonomy among employees with accountability to challenge us to reach beyond the minimum requirements. Maister points out how these characteristics do not often go hand-in-hand in today’s world as companies either operate with heavy-handed rules focused on earnings, or they overcompensate with a laissez-faire work environment that hinders the commitment to core values. Whitley Penn’s management paves a middle road between these extremes by providing new opportunities to learn at all levels, giving constructive feedback, and encouraging employees to establish long-term goals. Fostering this environment produces passionate, effective, and efficient team members, or “dynamos,” as Maister calls them.

With a strong internal environment in practice, Maister concludes that distinguished client service will naturally result, and Whitley Penn has achieved this desired outcome. Our employees’ commitment to excellence and appetite for challenges creates an energy that overflows to our clients. This has and will continue to produce a relationship of trust and client confidence in the company. Success results for both our clients and us, and as Maister exclaimed, “True professionalism wins!”

Julia Blevins
Great Professionals, Greater Client Satisfaction
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