Qualified Retirement Plans

Whether you are looking at starting a plan for your business or reviewing your existing plan for deficiencies, Whitley Penn Financial is here to help. Designing an appropriate employer sponsored retirement plan can quickly become overwhelming. Consider the following questions:

  • Should your company sponsor a retirement plan?
  • How will your business and employees benefit?
  • Which plan is right for your unique situation?

For current sponsors, it is not very often that a business owner thinks about their company’s qualified retirement plan. Once it is in place, it is often only thought about when markets are performing poorly and balances get smaller and smaller. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are the investments in your plan managed properly?
  • How much is the plan really costing the company? The employees?
  • Are you adequately fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities to the participants?

These are all points that should be considered when seeking the right retirement plan for your company and employees. The costs of an improperly designed qualified retirement plan far outweigh the benefits of a plan uniquely tailored to your company’s situation.

Our consultative approach to designing the right plan for your company’s size and growth dynamic is far more personal than the standard approach of constraining the company within a ready-made template: we create a unique plan custom tailored to your company rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach.

Our integrated record-keeping and investment management functions allow plan sponsors to call Whitley Penn Financial and speak to a dedicated team of professionals who can help answer questions about plan details or investments. Your plan is YOURS right down to the smallest details.

Whitley Penn Financial will:

  • Uncover appropriate plan design to eliminate inefficiencies and maximize potential plan benefits
  • Handle on-site implementation and enrollment phases
  • Provide employee education sessions for new and interested plan participants
  • Offer custom fund lineups with open fund architecture capabilities

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss setting up a new plan or review your company’s current plan. Let us show you how Whitley Penn Financial may add value to your company as well as a personal touch that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing the right thing for the future of your employees and your company.

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