Asset Management

Your Whitley Penn Financial Team believes in a holistic approach to building and preserving the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate. We don’t focus only on the investments in your portfolio; but instead adopt a more comprehensive perspective. Building on our core asset class investing philosophy, we combine a prudent investment strategy with a well-coordinated, wealth management plan to ensure your financial health.

Focusing on the client’s overall financial situation adds more value than simply picking investments.

Gone are the days of “financial salesmen” picking stocks and throwing together portfolios of mutual funds. You need an experienced, trusted advisor who can not only allocate your assets effectively and manage your portfolio, but also help you manage:

  • Risk
  • Fees
  • Liabilities
  • Plan for the distribution of your estate
  • Minimize taxes
  • Plan for retirement

A focused financial partner can help you make prudent financial decisions, using experience and a keen understanding of financial markets to guide you through the intricate and often perplexing task of managing your investments.

5 Tenants of Investing

When you work with a Whitley Penn Financial advisor, you will understand and appreciate that having a knowledgeable, experienced team on your side will allow you to more successfully navigate the rocky landscape of investing. We take pride in being proactive to our clients’ needs, as well as anticipating changes in the financial markets before they take place.

  1. Leverage Diversification to Reduce Risk
  2. Seek Lower Volatility to Enhance Returns
  3. Enhance Returns and Reduce Risk through Global Allocation
  4. Employ Asset Class Investing
  5. Design Efficient Portfolios

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