Buy and Sell-Side Due Diligence

Whitley Penn offers transaction advisory services to both buyers and sellers to help evaluate the risk profile of their transactions. Regardless of if we are working on the buy side or sell side, our focus on providing clients with answers in real time to their critical questions enable our clients to make timely decisions. Some of the buy and sell-side due diligence services we offer include:

  • Quality of Earnings and Cash Flow Exposures
  • Quality of Assets and Other Balance Sheet Exposures
  • Working Capital Analysis & Reconciliation
  • Forecast Analysis Compared to Historical Results
  • Stand-Alone Entity and Carve-Out Analysis
  • Sales and Production Backlog Analysis
  • Financial Policies and Procedures Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Systems Assessment
  • Historical Federal Tax Exposures
  • State and Local Tax Exposures
  • Asset, Stock and Other Tax Structure Analysis
  • Advise on Post-acquisition Tax Minimization
  • ASC 740 (FIN 48) Analysis
  • Section 382 Loss Limitation Analysis

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