International Tax

At Whitley Penn, we believe that it is critical to have an understanding of how a client’s unique business operates to properly advise on cross-border risk matters. We believe this requires time and attention in the midst of being very responsive to changes in the business over time.

Businesses that have transactions across borders are faced with growing complexity and require special attention. The legislative and regulatory landscape within one or more jurisdictions can change quickly. Customer and market expectations across jurisdictions may require both operational and economic shifts in the business and can compel a reassessment of the tax risks.

There is a heightened risk of Companies seeking to expand across borders. By necessity, there must be a global awareness of tax issues in order to identify and mitigate tax risk.

Whitley Penn’s International Tax Group has experience across asset classes and industries in dealing with cross border needs. Through our affiliation with Nexia International, we have resources in more than 120 countries to address U.S. and non U.S. tax risk.

Our international tax group can help achieve key business objectives, both in the U.S. and globally and work with you to:

  • Consider tax-efficient deployment and use of cash across jurisdictions
  • Manage the global structural tax rate
  • Monitor international tax developments which can affect the company on either a short or longer term basis.
  • Comply with and interact with tax authorities

Our Service Offerings Include:

  • U.S. Expansion and U.S. Inbound Tax Services
  • U.S. Outbound and non U.S. Expansion Tax Services
  • Global Mobility: Executive and Employee
  • Global Tax Structuring
  • Private Equity / Alternative Investments Tax Services
  • Nexia International Tax Desk

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