Virtual Back Office

A unique service that WP Edge offers as part of many professional services engagement is access to our WP Edge team that handles the details of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax records.
Staffed by skilled and experienced professionals who are chosen for both their financial skills and client relationship development abilities, our WP Edge group is a cost-effective alternative to hiring and training your own in-house team. Our comprehensive approach creates both short-term and longterm accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax records solutions that are ultimately a greater value than any other in-house or outsourced financial function.

  • Establishment of tax identification numbers
  • Selection and implementation of financial software
  • Purchase orders and vendor identification systems
  • General accounting, bookkeeping and payroll
  • Tax records
  • Budget planning
  • Expense reports
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Budget planning and production scheduling
  • Inventory and sales forecasts
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Process accounts payable

24/7 Back Office Availability

Everything we do is a turnkey solution so that our client can concentrate on running the business while leaving the records functions to us. And because we know the company and are an integrated part of Whitley Penn services, your Virtual Back Office professional can often answer – by phone or email – any basic questions about a particular record-keeping or procedural matters.

Staffing Flexibility

Our professionals take ownership of both the client relationship and the back office tasks. We work with the company in the way that the client prefers: on location two or three days a week or virtual services available online as needed. Thanks to our team approach, our clients will become familiar with several professionals who work regularly with the accounts and learn the details of the business.

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