Enterprise Risk Management

Risk has become a top priority for many boards of directors and management teams, with many of them wondering how their organization is managing risk and its effect on capital and earnings. In recent years, external factors have fueled a heightened interest by organizations in ERM. Industry and government regulatory bodies, as well as investors, have begun to scrutinize companies’ risk-management policies and procedures. In an increasing number of industries, boards of directors are required to review and report on the adequacy of risk management processes in their organizations.

Whitley Penn’s ERM services can help provide your company an organization-wide approach to the identification, assessment, communication, and management of risk. Our professionals spend time understanding your company’s business strategy and risks in order to provide a risk management framework that will help you understand the risks and create value for the company. Whitley Penn offers ERM solutions that are customized and unique to each client’s individual needs. Our ERM assessment will improve your approach to risk, and help your company understand how much uncertainty and risk are acceptable to continually add value to the organization.

At Whitley Penn, we have certified professionals to help with identifying and understanding risks associated with your business plan.

Our Enterprise Risk Management solutions include:

  • Implementing a well-established and accepted risk management framework.
  • Understanding business strategy and enhancing risk response decisions.
  • Applying the risk management framework that will help your company create value from its risk approach.
  • Continuance of risk assessment by improving, implementing, and updating/recreating the risk management framework to fit your evolving business strategy.

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