Fraud & Forensics

With diverse backgrounds in taxation, auditing, oil and gas accounting, manufacturing, banking, and economics, among others, our team is prepared to answer questions and investigate issues that arise during litigation. Our team has conducted investigations on behalf of corporations, legal counsel, government agencies, and boards of directors.  We have investigated allegations of fraud, helped to determine the level of inaccuracy of financial statements, and documented and quantified inappropriate financial transactions recorded in accounting records.  Additionally, we have provided invaluable assistance in tracing and recovering financial assets and reconstructing accounting records.

Our professionals include forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners with experience testifying in hundreds of depositions and trials in state and federal courts and arbitration hearings. Our team is highly regarded by attorneys in Texas and beyond.  In addition to expert testimony, we prepare trial exhibits designed to clearly convey our opinions to the judge or jury, including handouts, posters, and animated presentations, as necessary.

Internal Investigations

Corporations are often at risk from officers and other employees who exploit their company for personal gain. Such ethical breaches often jeopardize profits and can result in criminal or civil liability for the perpetrators.  Many of the most common offenses include misappropriation of property or trade secrets, theft of proprietary information, and improper vender arrangements.  Whitley Penn is equipped to investigate these allegations and quantify the financial ramifications.

Acquisition Disputes

Acquisition disputes often involve a claim of fraudulent misrepresentations regarding the financial condition or operating results of the target business. To assist either the plaintiff or the defendant in these cases, our team applies their accounting and business knowledge and experience to develop a thorough understanding of the industry, the terms of the acquisition, and the claims asserted.  We perform testing, industry research, and comprehensive analysis to help quantify alleged errors and the harm caused as a result of any errors.

White Collar Crime

Typical white collar crimes include fraud, bribery, Ponzi schemes, regulatory violations, embezzlement, forgery, money laundering, and insider trading. Our team works with company management, boards of directors, audit committees, and receivers and regulators to investigate and report on matters involving white collar crime.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, & Restructuring

Bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring activities often require financial investigation and analysis. Whitley Penn experts are qualified to provide accounting expertise coupled with operational know-how to effectively prepare investigative reports that describe the historical transactions and events that occurred as well as provide opinions regarding how those transactions may have affected interested parties.  We can also provide business valuations for these cases as necessary.  Our analyses and reports are beneficial for receivers, trustees, creditors, and bankruptcy judges, among others.


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