Fraud & Forensics

With only five percent of fraud perpetrators having prior convictions for fraud related schemes, your company may never anticipate its vulnerability.* When your company is alerted to potential fraud, you may be unsure of who to trust. We can help. Whitley Penn has experienced professionals who conduct fraud investigations. We help companies and law firms probe alleged misconduct by reviewing accounting records, reviewing electronic evidence, and analyzing unusual transactions. We also provide expert witness testimony as necessary to explain our findings. We understand your company’s sensitivity and urgency.

Our team of accountants, fraud examiners, and electronic forensic professionals are expertly equipped to:

  • Conduct investigations and quantify the results
  • Investigate alleged fraud or illegal acts, including embezzlement
  • Examine suspect vendor relationships or activities
  • Examine financial and source documents for fraud – including false reporting, manipulated records, forgery, or electronic tampering
  • Identify control weaknesses and breakdowns and make suggestions for stronger controls
  • Conduct data analysis with diagnostic software
  • Assist law firms and prosecutors in complex fraud matters
  • Produce comprehensive expert reports
  • Educate the judge or jury through our testimony
  • Advise on accounting for complex transactions

*Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Report to the Nations. 2016

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